CERAD, The Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease


CERAD developed the following standardized instruments to assess the various manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease:

Clinical/Neuropsychology Assessment
Neuropathology Guide and Forms
Behavior Rating Scale for Dementia
Family History Interviews
Assessment of Service Needs

Members of the clinical staff at participating clinical sites were trained and certified in the uniform administration of these assessments. Data were gathered from carefully screened patients with Alzheimer’s disease and from control subjects, who were also enrolled in the CERAD study. The CERAD database comprises 1094 patients and 463 non-demented elderly control subjects who were evaluated annually for as long as seven years. This case material has been a valuable resource for information on Alzheimer’s disease and is the basis for over 100 publications describing the CERAD research findings. Autopsy examination of the brain was carried out, to the extent possible, in an effort to obtain neuropathologic confirmation of clinical diagnoses.

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