CERAD, The Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease
CERAD Behavior Rating Scale for Dementia (BRSD)

The CERAD Behavior Rating Scale for Dementia (BRSD) is a standardized instrument for rating behavioral abnormalities in demented or cognitively impaired subjects. Descriptive items are scaled according to frequency of psychopathological behavior.

In a pilot test, the initial 51-item scale was administered by trained examiners to informants for 303 subjects with probable AD who had undergone standardized clinical evaluation by CERAD. Wide variability was found in the nature of the behavioral disturbances; factor analysis indicated eight preliminary factors that mapped onto the following clinically relevant domains:

depressive features
psychotic features
defective self-regulation
vegetative features
affective lability

This scale was found to be reliable with high interrater agreement. It has since been modified slightly on the basis of this study. The questionnaire is now available for purchase in either a 46-item version or a shorter 17-item version, together with an instruction manual. A video training tape is also available.

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